At West Texas Roofing, we are experts in various roofing options for residential homes. Our goal is to provide you with a long-lasting roof that can withstand extreme weather. So, we only use top-quality materials in all our work. Our professional roofers are also well-trained and highly skilled in the roofing systems we handle.

Expect us to deliver exceptional results in all residential roofing types we provide. Here are some of the roofing options we offer:


Metal roofs are perfect for areas with extreme weather because they are durable. They are resistant to wind, hail, fire, rot, and rain. A residential metal roof also lasts for 50 to 75 years. As a shingle material, metal is also energy-efficient. It reflects sunlight. As a result, it can keep your home cooler during sweltering weathers. 


The term “composition roof” refers to asphalt shingles. They are called “composition” because they are made from engineered materials, including asphalt and fiberglass.

Asphalt shingles are commonly used in residential homes because they are affordable, widely available, and easy to install. You can find these shingles in many different designs and thicknesses. And the quality you get varies depending on the thickness and the materials used for the shingle. 


A wooden roof provides a rustic charm to any home. It is also an eco-friendly roofing option that lasts for 20 to 25 years. The downside of this material is that it is vulnerable to fire, rot, hail, and termites. You need to maintain this type of roof carefully. But the aesthetic boost you get for your property can be worth the extra effort. 


If you’re looking for sturdy and stunning roofs, you will not be disappointed with DECRA. This roofing system is made of stone-coated metal to withstand harsh weather conditions. Plus, you can find this type of roof in many breathtaking designs. A DECRA roof is also very energy-efficient. You will enjoy lower utility bills when you have this roofing for your home!

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