Keeping roofs in top condition is crucial for businesses. A damaged roofing can hinder daily operations. It can also lead to other structural damage to your establishment that is costly to repair.

At West Texas Roofing, we provide free roof inspections for commercial enterprises. We conduct both routine inspections and assessments of damaged roofs. Expect us to give you a professional evaluation of your building’s roof condition and the best recommendations to maximize the lifespan of your roofing system.

Why Choose Us To Inspect Your Roof?

Roofing knowledge and expertise are needed to conduct proper roof inspection. Professional assessment of your roofing will help prevent any minor problems from turning into critical ones. Here are some of the reasons to pick us as your commercial roof inspector:

  • We constantly update our highly-skilled professional roofers with the latest know-how on all types of commercial roofing systems.
  • We have the necessary tools to conduct roofing assessments safely.
  • We use the latest devices to examine roofing interiors and exteriors thoroughly.

When To Call for Routine Inspections?

Weather conditions, structural movements, and other elements constantly distress your establishment’s roofing. An inspection is recommended twice a year to help avoid expensive repairs.

What To Expect During Roofing Inspections?

We perform a series of tasks to provide you with a detailed review of your roofing’s condition. Here are the things we do during roofing inspections:

  • Interior System Evaluation – This includes checking for signs of water damage in the ceiling.
  • Building Envelope Assessment – This involves inspecting the building envelope for cracks and other defects that may suggest structural movements.
  • Rooftop Inspection – Our roofing inspectors will check for wear and tear, ponding water, debris, and moisture penetration.
  • Building Perimeter Examination – The gutters, counter and base flashings, and coping joints will be assessed for signs of leaks and other roofing problems.
  • Provision of Formal Report – A detailed evaluation report of your roof will be provided. This also includes recommendations on what should be done to keep your roofing in top condition.

Contact Us for a Free Inspection

West Texas Roofing is among the top commercial roofing experts in Amarillo, TX. Reach out to us for a free inspection of your roof.