Roof tear-offs can be messy. And they can interrupt your daily business schedule for weeks and even months. That’s why you need to hire experts for this procedure.

At West Texas Roofing, we have the expertise to facilitate an organized roof removal process. Our professional roofers are trained to work efficiently and bring you the best possible results. Additionally, we follow a systematic approach to minimize inconvenience during the roof tear-off procedure.

When To Conduct a Roof Tear-Off?

If you’re planning to change your roof, you have two choices. First, you can place your new roof on top of the existing one. And second, you can tear off your current roof before installing your new one. Tearing off your roof is a lot of work. But in some cases, this task is necessary. Here are instances when roof tear-offs are vital:

  1. Water damage in all layers of your roof
    If moisture has already penetrated all layers of your roofing system, it would be wise to have your roof torn off and replaced. Water can seep through your new roof if you don’t remove your old one.
  2. Incompatible or inadequate substrate
    Ideally, an existing roof should be able to provide a suitable base for a new roof installed over it. Additionally, for new materials to attach correctly to the old sublayers, they should be compatible.
  3. Your commercial property already has two roofs
    Only two roofs are allowed in most building codes. So, you need to tear off your roof when you already have two. Don’t worry! In most cases, only the top roof needs to be torn off.

The Benefits of Tearing Off Your Roof

Removing your current roof can be expensive. And the process typically takes longer than simply installing your new roof over your existing one. But, a tear-off has several key advantages over an overlay. Here are some of them:

  1. Your property’s structures will support less weight.
  2. It allows for a thorough examination of your roof underlayment.
  3. Your new roof will require more straightforward maintenance.
  4. It will result in a longer-lasting roof.
  5. You can replace worn-out insulation and other roofing materials.

Leave It to The Experts

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